Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Speaking at SharePoint Saturday the Conference

I am excited to say that I'll be speaking at the SharePoint Saturday Conference in DC August 11-13 2011. I will be presenting two sessions, both very hands on and demo oriented.

Building a Fully Branded SharePoint Website will focus on how a SharePoint developer implements a public facing website from HTML delivered by a design agency. This is a scenario I have done many times and have learned a lot of lessons the hard way doing this. I want to share the process as well as many of the pitfalls and best practices I have learned over the years. I'm going to try and build the site from scratch in the session, a bit of a challenge.

Practical Powershell for SharePoint is a session I delivered once for our DIWUG user group and got great feedback on, so I thought I'd share it with some more people. The session assumes the audience to have some Powershell experience and quickly dives into a number of scenarios that demonstrate some useful and clever ways of making your life easier by using Powershell. Those who have had the of working with me will know that "Use Powershell" has been one of my favorite answers to many problems over the years. Powershell has only been on the SharePoint main stage since the release of 2010 but I've been using it for years now, and I want to share some of the more unusual and inspring ways I have found of leveraging the tool.

Hope to see you at the conference!

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