Thursday, April 28, 2011

XComplica SharePoint 2010 Usage File Analyzer

At my last DIWUG talk I mentioned that the Web Analytics functionality in SharePoint 2010 begins with the WssTracing service creating .usage files in the 14\LOGS folder. These files are in some nice binary format and it would sometimes be nice if we could open these up for debugging purposes.

So I cracked open reflector today and had a look at the code MS uses to import these files. A day later, and I created a little tool that reads these files and lets you have a look into them.

You can download the XComplica SharePoint 2010 Usage File Analyzer for free, and I am willing to share the (messy) source code if anyone wants. All at your own risk of course, this is just something I threw together in one day.

UPDATE: The code is now on Codeplex

It's quite self explanatory, grab a copy of the .usage file you are interested in, open it with the tool and you will see all the entries is a nice table. The fist column is clickable and shows the details of each row, since there are seven types of usage entries that the files contain. Simple but effective


Unknown said...

I'd love to see the source for this tool.

Joe said...

I have published the source on codeplex at

Arcangel256 said...

Hi joe, download the tool, but when I open a file usage shows no information, a dependency is required to work correctly? With that OS supports it, that framework version should I use?

Joe said...

Arcangel256 : This tool is meant to open SP2010 .usage files. So jut opening the tool will not show anything, you need to open a .usage file. I also am not sure if it will run anywhere other than on a machine with SP2010 installed.