Friday, December 03, 2010

Beware Parallels 6

I have been using Parallels virtualization for almost two years now, and I was completely happy with version 4 and 5.  VMs were stable and fast, no issues. Recently version 6 came out, and it has been a total piece of sh*t.  It has managed to destroy a number of VMs at this point from corrupting SharePoint dlls to making windows think it is no longer a genuine copy. I thought maybe I'd just create a clean install of W2K8 based on version 6 since sometimes VMs that are upgraded can have issues right?  Well I can't even install a fresh copy of W2K8 x64 with this version of Parallels! I get this lovely screen:

Completely useless to me now. I'm soooo glad I spent the €49.95 on it. If you have Parallels 5, DO NOT UPGRADE!

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