Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strange SPANs in SharePoint 2010 Team Site

My colleague and I came across something quite strange yesterday and I think it's worth sharing. We were inspecting the HTML source of a SharePoint 2010 Out-Of-Box Team Site and found this at the end of the file:
For those who are not HMTL savvy, this is not valid HTML.

We are trying to look into what the cause of this could be, but so far no luck. If anyone has any idea as to what these spans are for or where they come from, I am very interested!

Update: There is now a fix for this from Wictor WilĂ©n, see his blog


Andrew said...

It's all so MS can claim "SharePoint 2010- Now with 100% more spans!"

Or maybe "SharePoint 2010 can span nearly any enterprise environment!"

Stupid bug I assume.
Perhaps where a bunch of stuff *could* go by default but they forgot to remove the span tags if you don't populate them?

Joe said...

If the span tags were meant to be filled with something, they still should not be outside of the closing html tag. That is invalid html anyway you look at it.

Unknown said...

Hi. I was wonder if you found a solution for this span problem. I have the same issue and for the life of me can't figure out where they are coming from.

Joe said...

Harshna: I haven't found a solution to this, but luckily it only happens on team sites and not on other templates (that I have checked). I generally don't use teams sites anyhow, I find a blank site to b a better starting point.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the update Joe.

Anonymous said...

Check this out. Might be something useful...