Monday, March 08, 2010

Good customer service for a change

I am not one to praise a corporation lightly, but I feel I need to in this one instance.

Over the past year I have done some work for American Express and was thus exposed to the various benefits their card holders enjoy. Then a few months ago my credit card form ING was prematurely terminated due to the merger between ING and PostBank and let's just say that switching the ING Visa to an ING Mastercard was a 4 month ordeal that resulted in me saying goodbye to ING credit card services. I couldn't manage to get approved for the new card and no one at ING could tell me why since I was a loyal customer with a platinum card before... A total mess.

So I decided to give Amex a try. I figured they are accepted at 95% of the places I use a credit card (big stores in the US or online) and after all, they are a client. I have had to call them a few times durring the last few weeks with regards to setting up some things and was blown away every time at their flexibility, availability and just over all quality of customer service. I know they are a more expensive card for the retailers to accept, but wow do they take care of their clients. As someone living in Europe where customer service is generally awful, I am glad to see that some companies still value being excellent to their customers.

For any North American expats in the Netherlands, if you miss customer service form home you may want to get yourself an Amex card.

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