Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Working on MAC

I have been working on my Macbook Pro for a few weeks now and have to say I have been quite happy with it. The hardware is great and I have found OS X to have everything I need for my daily tasks. I do miss having Visual Studio and MS Office on my local machine, but I have a virtual machine using Parallels that I use for this software. Parallels has been working quite well, I just can't get the automatic snapshot thing to work. It took an automatic snapshot once, and since then has been ignoring the schedule I gave it.

The only downside that I have found on the Mac compared to my Thinkpad is that the Macbook is not as tough. I have unintentionally put both of them through the same drop test and the Thinkpad fared much better. Both times I dropped the machine in question a half meter onto the floor. The Thinkpad had a little cosmetic damage on the battery, which can be replaced quite inexpensively. The Macbook has a nasty dent on the bottom right corner, and I don't think I will be trying to hammer it out anytime soon. I have yet to talk to Apple to see what the repair would cost but I have a feeling replacing the unibody will not be so cheap. Luckily both machines work just fine, which is more than I would expect from many other notebooks if I put them through this test. I guess I have now "personalized" my Macbook and will have to live with the dent. I do feel like a tool for doing this to my computer right after I bought it. I just hope my warranty will still be valid.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Code snippet for Visual Studio for creating site columns

I have created a code snippet file which I use to create site columns in CAML. It is by no means perfect or complete but I find it useful so someone else might too. How to use code snippets is explained in many places so I won't regurgitate that here. I will mention that you need to type the open angle bracket, hit ESC to disable intellisense and then type the site column shortcut followed by TAB.

Get the snippet file here and remember to remove the txt extension.