Friday, May 08, 2009

Does this link work for you?

Today I was trying to activate support incidents for a client's MSDN subscription.  I called Microsoft as their web page on MSDN suggested, and they told me I need to fill out a form, and email it back to them.  Ok, no problem.  They then told me the url where I could get the form.  I typed it in and got an error.  Weird, perhaps I can't type.  So after a few attmepts at spelling it out on the phone, the MS guy emailed me the link.  Still no go.  At this point I was transfered to another department who told me to go to the same link.  They tried to tell me that I may be using the wrong version of IE (I have IE7) or that my proxy server may be messing things up (no proxy server).  In any case, I must be the moron because I got the "It works over here" response from them.  

At this point, I want to know if anyone can actually see this link. 

[UPDATE: I just tried this from home, still no go.]

[UPDATE 2: It works now.  The trick as pointed out by Syd was that I had my country settings set to US.  I do this so that I don't have to read all the MS pages in Dutch.  Well it turns out that once I changed my country settins to the Netherlands, the url works.  Thanks Syd.]

As emailed from MS:


Dear Joe,

 As promised I send you the URL to activate the support for your MSDN subscription:

 Kind regards,

Microsoft B.V.

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