Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is blogging not cool anymore?

A few years ago, blogging became the latest rage.  Everyone and their grandmother had a blog and was contributing dutifully to spewing random brain trash onto the internet.  I recenlty noticed how many of these blogs have died out or whithered away.  It would be interesting to see the number of unique blog posts worldwide per month, to see if my personal experience actually matches reality.

There is still plenty of trash being spewed out onto the internet, but it has moved on to other services.  Thanks twitter. 

Friday, May 08, 2009

Does this link work for you?

Today I was trying to activate support incidents for a client's MSDN subscription.  I called Microsoft as their web page on MSDN suggested, and they told me I need to fill out a form, and email it back to them.  Ok, no problem.  They then told me the url where I could get the form.  I typed it in and got an error.  Weird, perhaps I can't type.  So after a few attmepts at spelling it out on the phone, the MS guy emailed me the link.  Still no go.  At this point I was transfered to another department who told me to go to the same link.  They tried to tell me that I may be using the wrong version of IE (I have IE7) or that my proxy server may be messing things up (no proxy server).  In any case, I must be the moron because I got the "It works over here" response from them.  

At this point, I want to know if anyone can actually see this link. 

[UPDATE: I just tried this from home, still no go.]

[UPDATE 2: It works now.  The trick as pointed out by Syd was that I had my country settings set to US.  I do this so that I don't have to read all the MS pages in Dutch.  Well it turns out that once I changed my country settins to the Netherlands, the url works.  Thanks Syd.]

As emailed from MS:


Dear Joe,

 As promised I send you the URL to activate the support for your MSDN subscription:

 Kind regards,

Microsoft B.V.