Monday, February 04, 2008

Motorbike exam 2 done

Last Friday I successfully took my second motorbike exam. This one was a practical in a parking lot and consisted of a number of 'special maneuvers'. I didn't do perfect but I passed with no problem. One more exam and I have my license. The best part is that my lessons don't have any more boring parking lot exercises, it's all riding now. Today I had the motorbike up to 140km on the highway in a really strong headwind. I can't imagine what 220 must feel like on a bike without a wind screen. I also started to seriously look into what motorbike I want to buy, and so far I like the Yamaha Fazer. Not that I can make any serious decisions before taking it out for a test ride, but the specs are good for a beginner bike and I think it looks great.

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