Friday, August 10, 2007

Motorbike lesson #1

Yesterday I went for my first motorcycle riding lesson. It was fun and ended well, but due to some miscommunication on how I should be riding I did wipe out three times. I took what the instructor said too literally. I was supposed to be making slow narrow turns and he said "just use your hips and lean the bike". OK. Dumbass me at that point says "So I can't turn the handlebars?" He told me no, and so I proceeded to attempt slow and narrow turns with the handlebars completely straight. Almost-wipeout, wipeout, almost-wipeout, wipeout, etc. You get the picture. He kept trying to explain to me what he thought I was doing wrong, but only after he put me on the back of the bike and showed me did I understand my mistake. I told him he WAS using the handlebars to turn where he said it wasn't him, the bike causes them to turn that way. Duh. I felt like a retard for a bit but after that small fiasco I was driving circles around the guy (literally). Looking forward to the next lesson.


Andy Locoweed said...

Nice stuff, glad you're learning.
I'm a little concerned myself since I've still never dropped my bike (in class or otherwise) and I hear it happens at some time... Good you got it out of the way. My advice for riding is to do what feels natural. In high speed situations you lean and shift weight to feel stable and make the turn. In slow speeds you direct the bike by turning the wheel a little.
Anyways- as I found out at the beach yesterday with Trish; be very careful in sand!! The slightest lean or handlebar movement will easily have you throwing out a leg or two for stability! ;)

Joe said...

Thanks for the advice, I'll keep it in mind. I tend to over-analyze things like this and it just backfires. I can ride a bicycle pretty much asleep, with no hands whilst carrying a crate of beer, so why the hell should a big motorized bike be any different right?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are making some real good progress. Where did you get your bike insurance from? I'm thinking about taking up biking lessons and need to have a look at some insurance companies and assess the prices before I make a decision.

Joe said...

I have an insurance broker who takes care of all my insurance needs. It's so much easier than dealing with it yourself and it doesn't cost you anything. (The insurance companies pay the broker).