Friday, August 31, 2007

Mmm Valium

Last Wednesday I experienced an hour of pure adrenaline. I went to my motorbike lesson only to find out it was time to leave the parking lot and head out onto the streets. I was given 20 minutes of on-paper instruction on how not to get killed and then got the keys to a bike. It was pretty intense suddenly being in the middle of Amsterdam and having to take traffic into account. I made plenty of small mistakes (forgetting to check mirrors, forgetting to signal) but those I could live with. I made one big mistake and that was using my front brake in a turn. I wasn't going fast at all but I felt I couldn't make the turn and did the dumbest thing one can do - pull the front brake. The bike got sucked down to the pavement and me with it. I walked away with a slightly sprained ankle and had no problems finishing the ride.

Later that evening I realized my back was stiff as hell and getting quite painful, while the adrenaline had worn off so I was feeling the ankle. After a relatively sleepless night I went to the doctor in the morning. I told him of my adventures so he gave me some painkillers as well as something to relax my muscles the next night. I'm not too well versed in drugs so I looked them up before I took them, and the muscle relaxant happened to be diazepam which I figured out was actually Valium. That took me a bit by surprise, I didn't realize Valium could be used for this type of thing. Well I tried one last night and it worked. At this point I can sleep without it though, so I have a few spare ones. I wonder if I can feed them to the birds outside my window, maybe they'll shut up before 10 am.

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