Monday, April 16, 2007

A few close calls

The last few weeks have been stupidly stressful. Both the banks I had gone to for mortgages suddenly decided my company was too new and that I was too much of a risk to lend money to. The contract I had signed regarding my apartment could be dissolved on the basis of two such rejections but that wasn't exactly the plan. I like the apartment and didn't want to lose it. So I spent a week and a half on the phone trying to figure out some alternative options for borrowing money (not the mob but it did cross my mind) and didn't have much luck. Finally my dad got pissed off at his bank for jerking me around and went there with a threat to take all his business elsewhere if they didn't commit to their promises from a few months ago. Guess where I got my mortgage from. :) They still didn't give me a mortgage for the entire sum, just the execution value of the place. This means I am house poor. I've got just enough money to pay income tax for last year and the difference on the apartment cost vs the mortgage. I think I'll be down to a few hundred bucks very soon. Oh well, I'm working and I should get paid within a month on a few invoices. In any case, it was a close call as I thought I would have to back out of the contract just because banks decided to change their minds and royally fuck me. It goes without saying that my current bank will not be seeing my business for much longer.

Another close call was my driving theory exam. I studied for it most of the weekend and managed to get 45 out of 50. 43 is a fail so I had a buffer of one question. The test here is a LOT harder than the Canadian one, and most people taking it failed. I heard some people saying it was their 4th or 5th time. Ouch.

I should be doing work but it's so hard these days. 25 Celcius and a nice breeze. Best time of year in this country. Patio beer is so good......

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