Thursday, March 29, 2007

The worst Martini I ever had

Last weekend I went to the Casino in Nijmegen (town in Holland) with a few friends. We threw some money on the roulette table, watched it get taken away and walked away with the same sense of satisfaction as you get when you throw $20 off a bridge. That's what a casino is however, so no complaints there.

After flushing money down the roulette table, I decided I'd like a vodka martini. I was drinking beer before and felt like a change. So I go to the bar and the following conversation (or close to it) unfolds:

Bar Chick: "What can I get you?"
Joe: "Vodka Martini."
BC: "Vodka with Martini?"
At this point a red flag goes up but I decide to commit and see this through.
Joe: "No, a Vodka-Martini"
BC: "OK...."
She grabs a glass usually reserved for soft drinks or rum-cokes and proceeds to pour a shot and a half of vodka in it. Then she grabs a bottle of Vermouth and starts pouring with the intent of filling up the glass.
Joe: " Woa - Stop!"
BC: "What?"
Joe: "That's quite enough... A Martini is three parts Vodka, one part Vermouth"
BC: "More Vodka?"
Joe: "That's ok, I'll just take it as is".
BC: "Want an ice cube in it?"
Joe: "No thanks."

I had a feeling it wouldn't taste too good regardless of what she did to it, so I opted for a smaller volume of gross rather than letting her add more vodka. It was fucking gross. One of the worst drinks I ever had. I drank it quick to get a buzz and then chased it with a beer.

The moral of this story: Forget about Vodka Martinis unless at a very quality place. I would have thought the casino hires skilled bar staff but how wrong I was.

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