Friday, March 09, 2007

I bought an apartment!

I got a phone call today that represents a huge step forward in my life. I have bought an apartment in Amsterdam. My real-estate agent called and told me she had negotiated a price with the people selling the place and now we just have to go through the paperwork. It will be another month or so before all that gets sorted out, but I don't expect any issues since I've already spoken to a number of banks and they are willing to loan me the money. The rest is just legal crap that my real-estate agent will deal with.

I am pumped about having my own place. Now back to work so I can afford furniture.

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Andy Locoweed said...

I bought an exercise ball and some aromatic sticks from Pier 1.
Way to upstage me... ass!


But really, congrats man!! I'm seriously thinking about what we just talked about and I think I may start selling off my shit now so I can move into the getto this spring/summer and save $$