Thursday, March 29, 2007

The worst Martini I ever had

Last weekend I went to the Casino in Nijmegen (town in Holland) with a few friends. We threw some money on the roulette table, watched it get taken away and walked away with the same sense of satisfaction as you get when you throw $20 off a bridge. That's what a casino is however, so no complaints there.

After flushing money down the roulette table, I decided I'd like a vodka martini. I was drinking beer before and felt like a change. So I go to the bar and the following conversation (or close to it) unfolds:

Bar Chick: "What can I get you?"
Joe: "Vodka Martini."
BC: "Vodka with Martini?"
At this point a red flag goes up but I decide to commit and see this through.
Joe: "No, a Vodka-Martini"
BC: "OK...."
She grabs a glass usually reserved for soft drinks or rum-cokes and proceeds to pour a shot and a half of vodka in it. Then she grabs a bottle of Vermouth and starts pouring with the intent of filling up the glass.
Joe: " Woa - Stop!"
BC: "What?"
Joe: "That's quite enough... A Martini is three parts Vodka, one part Vermouth"
BC: "More Vodka?"
Joe: "That's ok, I'll just take it as is".
BC: "Want an ice cube in it?"
Joe: "No thanks."

I had a feeling it wouldn't taste too good regardless of what she did to it, so I opted for a smaller volume of gross rather than letting her add more vodka. It was fucking gross. One of the worst drinks I ever had. I drank it quick to get a buzz and then chased it with a beer.

The moral of this story: Forget about Vodka Martinis unless at a very quality place. I would have thought the casino hires skilled bar staff but how wrong I was.

Friday, March 09, 2007

I bought an apartment!

I got a phone call today that represents a huge step forward in my life. I have bought an apartment in Amsterdam. My real-estate agent called and told me she had negotiated a price with the people selling the place and now we just have to go through the paperwork. It will be another month or so before all that gets sorted out, but I don't expect any issues since I've already spoken to a number of banks and they are willing to loan me the money. The rest is just legal crap that my real-estate agent will deal with.

I am pumped about having my own place. Now back to work so I can afford furniture.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

From 0 to 100 in six seconds

My life kind of feels like the title of this post. Last week I was sitting at home doing dick all, plans were being made but that's it, and this week I am busy as hell. I am working on two projects for different clients so I was in the hague half the time and in another town for the rest. I am also sifting through resumes on monster and looking for employees for a new venture that I have started with one of my business partners from last year. I recently realized that being on the employer side of the interview table may actually be more difficult. At least it is for me right now.
My two month hiatus was good for recharging the batteries, and I am glad I did it. I have a feeling I'll need the energy in the next few months.
This year should be a very interesting one from a business perspective. I now feel comfortable in the dutch market and am ready to go full throttle. Stay tuned.

Otherwise my life is quite dull. I moded my Wii but haven't had the time to make much use of it since.

Gotta get off the train, till next time.