Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Could this be an evil strategy?

Reading slashdot today I saw that there is a new attack on Microsoft Word. The quote was:

"Simply opening a word document will launch the exploit. There are no pre-patch workarounds or anti-virus signatures available. Microsoft suggests that users 'not open or save Word files,' even from trusted sources."

Ok, attacks happen and this is nothing to blog about. What was interesting however was that this attack has no fix and that it effects every version of word except the brand new one. I wonder, will MS be inclined to provide fixes for something like this? Is this sort of attack not the perfect catalyst for user adoption of the new Office 2007 suite?

After that idea crossed my mind, I had a more sinister thought. I wonder if any software companies are using the following strategy:

1. Release version X of your product
3. Release version X+1
4. If X+1 is not being adopted fast enough, secretly release a virus/attack/worm that makes version X of your product less usable while ensuring that X+1 is not effected.

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