Monday, November 06, 2006

Got my BlackBerry, broke it....

So I got my new BlackBerry last week and I've managed to break it already. I think it should be fixable, but I'll probably have to deal with vodafone again. I thought it would be cool to be able to use Google Maps Mobile on my device and since I was getting some weird error, I decided to follow the advice of the GMM FAQ. This said to delete a certain service book entry (IPPP fopr Click 5) and things would work OK. Seemed a bit strange but Google usually has their shit together so to speak. Well I deleted the service book in question but not without doing a backup first.

After doing the delete, my device seemed to work just as well as before but still was receiving errors when trying to run GMM. So no change that I could tell, except that the icon for the shortcut to the web page where I can configure BIS had disappeared from my device and was replaced with the enterprise activation icon. I didn't like that since I don't need the ent. activation icon and I the other one is kind of useful. So why not restore the backup I had so wisely made?

After I restored the backup, my device was royally F-ed. I couldn't send email and receiving email was shaky. I then logged into the web interface for BIS and sent myself a new service book which has restored my email functionality. I am now without a browser and am not sure how to get one back. I also remember having many more service books before than I do now. I wish I knew what the hell a service book was.....

I guess the lesson learned here is that I should not mess with stuff I don't understand. Then again, what better way to learn?

Update: I've got my browser back - some further reading online revealed that I had to register my device again.

All seems to be working for now but I am still somewhat disappointed that I can't get GMM to work. It appears that there is no TCP support for the 8707v device that I have, and without it GMM doesn't want to work. On the upside I'll save some $$ on my data plan, but it sucks that I can't play with the cool new stuff just cause RIM decided to scrap a feature.

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