Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Global Warming, Rain Dances and the Hippie Mafia

After a brief discussion with my brother I have come to quite a realization. I think it's important to share this with the world so here goes:

1. Greenpeace and all the tree-huggers have been getting increasingly frustrated with their lack of success.

2. Many scientists are green friendly and have ties with the above mentioned tree hugger groups (THGs).

3. Science has been moving at a rapid pace lately with new developments springing up 'overnight'.

4. Combining 1,2 and 3 it's not a far stretch to realize that the THGs have realized there are scientific advancements they can use for their cause.

5. THGs have many members who currently are, or have been at one point flower loving, dancing hippies. Note the dancing.

6. Rain dances have been used for centuries to affect the weather, but like any other unrefined technology they have not been very successful.

7. Combining 4,5 and 6 it is evident that there is a good chance the THGs have used the science available to them to perfect the rain-dancing technology.

8. The last few years have seen devastating weather conditions all over the world including tsunami's, landslides and of course hurricanes.

9. These devastating weather effects have been blamed on Global Warming which is controversial issue that no one can prove.

Conclusion: Combining 7, 8 and 9 it is clear that Global Warming is just a cover the THG mafia has been spinning for years while they perfected the rain dancing technology. Last year they nearly struck a deadly blow by wiping Texas off the map but suffered a glitch and sent Katrina to Louisiana instead. They will not make this mistake again..... We must act now and fight the THGs.


I was watching Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" the other day and it got me thinking about Global Warming and the way we treat our planet. He makes a good point and I have trouble believing he is bullshitting. For those who need an alternate explanation however, I was kind to provide the above proof.

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