Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back from Canada

It's been a while since my last post. I came back from a relaxing 2 week trip to Canada on Monday and have been struggling with jetlag plus having to go to work this week. My trip consisted of seeing a good friend get married, hanging out with folks I haven't seen in a year and going fishing. There are some folks I didn't get to see which is a pity, but I guess that happens. Maybe next time.

Some things I realized while in Canada:
* Beer is really cheap in Holland. Or perhaps it is really expensive in Ontario.
* Canadians don't know how to drive on highways. Everyone thinks they belong in the fast lane.
* I miss Canadian nature. Even southern Ontario has so much to offer in this respect.
* My friends are quickly settling down and I'm quite sure I'm not ready yet. I had a few great evenings with friends reminiscing about some of our adventures, and I still look forward to new adventures in the future.
* The dutch climate will eventually drive me nuts (or out of Holland).
* I miss the freedom of having a car (note that's not the same as the costs and responsibilities).
* My life would be a lot more enjoyable if a method of transport were invented that cut the trip between Toronto and Amsterdam down to an hour or two. I'd like to spend more time out there.
* Waterloo as I remeber it is no longer. This includes the city but mainly the people.

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