Thursday, August 17, 2006

File not found error when assigning a document schema in a pipeline

I was having a bit of trouble today with Visual Studio that took a good deal of investigating to figure out so I thought I'd drop a note here. I was building a simple BizTalk receive pipeline that used the default XmlDisassembler and I wanted to add a document schema as well as an envelope schema to the disassembler. When I clicked on the ellipsis button (the three dots) I got a popup from Visual Studio saying "File not found" and some other stuff with an HRESULT= *********. I'd put the error down but I can't reproduce it now. I thought something was wrong with my Visual Studio install but it turns out one of the dlls that my custom schemas are defined in, was missing from the bin folder of the project. Since I have the reference set to 'copy local =true' it didn't matter that I had the dll in the bin folder of the source project. It took me FileMon to figure this one out. Thanks VS for the insightful message.

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