Tuesday, July 25, 2006

's Gravenhage

To those who don't know, the title of this post is the Dutch name for The Hague. I started a new contract there this week, and I agreed to work at the company for a few months. I'm back in the financial industry, this time doing a BizTalk 2k6 deployment from the ground up. Should be interesting enough and a good chance to make some new contacts.

Currently I am commuting from Arnhem, but it's a 2 hour trip door to door which is not that much fun. Ergo I am looking for a place to live in the Hague for the next 4 months. I can't decide whether I want to rent an apartment or just get a room in a student/roommate house. Getting an apartment would be the sensible grown up thing to do. Moving in with roommates seems like the fun thing to do, especially since it's temporary. I'll have to wait and see how things work out. (I know what some of my friends would recommend.)

I am still going to Canada in September, but other than that it looks like I will be working Mon-Fri 9-5 until December. I must say that I was getting used to working part time so to speak, but this will allow me to save up some coin and maybe buy a place in A'dam next year.

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