Thursday, June 01, 2006

I live in a wind tunnel

I normally would not be posting about the weather - how lame is that? - but this is just ridiculous. For the last 2 weeks, the weather in the Netherlands has been nothing other than rain/hail and a whopping 8 to 12 degrees Celsius. To make it all better, there has been a gale force wind blowing most of the time. WTF? Did I miss the memo about summer being canceled and us going directly to November? I've been sitting indoors waiting for a half decent day so I can hop on my bike or go rollerblading. Today I caved and put on plenty of layers under my raincoat and went out for a ride. Even though its all flat around here, that wind made me feel like I was going uphill most of the time. Those guys that were in Algonquin with me will know the kind of wind I'm talking about, the same as the day we fought the whitecaps.

Otherwise things have been good, I had a new client and spent 7 days fighting with BizTalk. Good experience plus they paid well. Now I've got a few days off, but I'm sure something new will come up soon.


Ferg Man said...

Yeah! I remember the gail force winds. Good thing you were out of your 'crazy joe' stage by then. You and your brother started to get your shit together near the end so I will give you points for that.

Me and Drew were definitly in the winning canoe! I guess the camps and scouts paid off!!!

Andy Locoweed said...

Yeah that was some cray shit! I still remember the trip to the camp site when it was beautiful and serene witht he exception of you and your brother screaming at each other about who was responsible for making the canoe do 180s! :P