Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cycling back from the bar can be dangerous

So I was heading home from the bar yesterday on my bike, not too sober, and I wiped out good. I've fallen off my bike before, but this was a first. I was spitting blood and dripping blood all over my shirt and realized something wasn't right. It seems I landed square on my chin and busted it open. I also managed to bite my tongue and chip a tooth. There were people walking by who saw me and decided it was a good idea to call an ambulance. After a quick visit to the emergency room I went home with four stitches. Fun day.

Update: I feel like crap. My jaw feels like I went 12 rounds against Mike Tyson. Worst of all I have to cancel a few meetings that could have proved very prosperous. I'm glad those people called the amulance, I was thninking of just going home and that would have been a mistake.

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Ferg Man said...

Um... JESUS DUDE! Nice face...

I am glad that you did not do any real damage and I bet the nurse was real fuckin hot! You should go to the bar like that and ask girls to kiss your chin better;)

My word of the day for your entry is islvpa. I don't know what it means but Blogspot made my type it in to post this!