Thursday, May 18, 2006


I am writing this blog entry the morning after a three day trip my buddy and I took to Texel and then Amsterdam. It was a long three days with much partying involved. We did a few cultural things in Amsterdam, but it seems the main attraction for my Canadian friends is not the Rijksmuseum.
Last night we caught the last train from Amsterdam back to Arnhem and went to the city here. We closed one bar, and felt the need to go to the after-hours place. After running out of money, I decided to go to an ATM and get some for a cab home. My freind decides he is in Holland and he needs to steal a bike. Lovely. He wouldn't get in the cab since he claimed to know where I live, and wanted to experience Holland on a stolen bike. After a while I just gave up and went home. He's a big boy and there is only so much I can do.
This happened at about 3am this morning and was also the last time I saw him. It's now 11am and I can't get a hold of him. I did get a voicemail at 6am from him, something about waking up in an alley and not having his backpack. He sounded pretty rough. I have to say I didn't expect this level of riddiculous when we set out three days ago. I hope my buddy had a good sleep in an alley somewhere, and I hope he shows up soon.

Update 3:20pm: No sign of my friend. Called the cops, called the local hospital, neither knows him so I take that as a good sign. Now I just wonder where the hell he is and why he won't pick up his phone.

Update 4:40pm: I get the following email "You fucking idiot!! I'm at a hotel in arnhem!! I was asleep until now!!" I'm glad he's ok, but I'm not sure who the "fucking idiot" is.


Ro said...

Hey mate,


wtf happened the saturday at kalle's place...did you find Drew back??? I remember seeing him stumbling towards the station from the bus:P

anyway, more drinks sumtime soon? Greetz Ro

Joe said...

On Saturday Drew came back after a bit so it was all good. I guess it was a preview of what's to come.

Andy Locoweed said...

I made it back eventually... After an 8 hour nap in the hotel across from the bus station ;)

I'm pretty happy to be alive and I can honestly say that's as far as I'm ever pushing my partying. That was it. I hit the peak (or bottom as the case may be) and I'm satisfied.
New rule: no more than 6 drinks in a night. Enough to have fun- not enough to get stupid.