Friday, February 17, 2006

Snow, snow and more snow!

This week I've been slacking off. Since we've been getting so much snow lately, I've been out snowboarding almost every day since I came to the cottage on Saturday. Sunday morning was the best day of boarding I have had in a long time. The slopes were covered with a minimum of 30cm of fresh powder. Some sections had over a half meter of powder on them. It was carve-a-licious. That didn't last too long, but the woods are still full of spots that have plenty of fresh powder. I've discovered that fallen trees make amazing launch platforms, and have been getting some sweet air in the woods. The trick is to make sure there aren't any trees in the landing zone. I've also discovered that having 2 beers takes away just enough coordination that I think I can pull something off, but end up buried in a snowbank somewhere cause I just misjudged my landing, etc. A good wipe-out in powder can mean 20 minutes of digging yourself out. The only thing that would make this snowboarding better would be someone to ride with. My bro is back at school and everyone I know is responsible and has jobs, etc.

The disadvantage to all this snow is that it also falls onto and around the cottage. This means that I am out with a shovel almost daily. The roof can only hold so much snow, and there is always some path that needs to be cleared. I can't say I'm not getting any exercise this winter.

I've been doing some professional work, mainly reading and learning new stuff. It can get frustrating however since the Internet connection I have here is very flaky. It's one of those PCMCIA cards that connects via the cellular network. These work great in the city, but I barely get any signal here so the quality of my connection ranges anywhere from crap to none at all. I'm hoping an external antenna for this thing will make a difference. Posting this entry was a fucking nightmare....

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ActiveNick said...

Dude, I so have to go visit you someday, preferably in winter. Would be cool to hang out there, that cottage sounds like a nice place. Got any pictures somewhere?

BTW, you should really allow anonymous comments.