Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I've been busy .. sort of

A few folks have wondered what I've been up to lately. It's a mix between trying to settle in somewhere, and enjoy not having to work the 9-5 thing. I've been going up to the cottage with my parents and doing some snowboarding, which I have to admit is not exactly productive. I have been in touch with a number of job hunters / agents who have a fair amount of work in England or on Holland, but I've been picky. I'm not too keen on taking an 11 month contract for instance, since to me that's not much different from a full time job. I'm also not too keen on working through these agents since they take a significant chunk of the profits and they take the fun out of negotiating a contract with a client.

My biggest focus right now is trying to put together a quality image for my company. This means naming it, building a website, etc. This will allow me to do some direct sales to potential clients without using the above described agents. The work is out there, so it's a matter of finding it. I'm hoping for a few subcontracts from bigger companies at first. I'm also trying to figure out a good base of operations. It's looking like I may call my parents' cottage home for the next while since my cousin and I decided to get internet up there. I'm kind of looking forward to having my home office 5 minutes from a ski lift.

I've got almost all my paperwork in order at this point, I have a business registered in Slovakia as well as another in Holland. It took a fair amount of effort to get all this sorted out which is making me very excited about tax season. Oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. First I need some income.


Andy Locoweed said...

I knew it! You're snowboarding without me- we're fucking breaking up! :P

I've really got to get going on my Euro-Trip plans eh? Got any tips?

Adrian said...

Hey, glad to hear things are going well! Paperwork sucks going to another country, necessary evil..

Email me your new phone # when you get a chance!