Sunday, December 11, 2005

Back in Holland

Well I've been back in Holland for over a week now. I've seen some old friends, had a chance to hang out with my parents and I went to see a client in Belgium at the beginning of the week. Mainly however I've had a chance to relax and sleep in. I really needed to take some time off and recharge. I had to get some work done this week, but it's so much nicer when I can work on my own schedule.

I'll be leaving for the cottage in a few days, and since there is no internet there I will not be posting much for the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to the cottage, I had hoped to have my snowboard along however. The moving company is taking their sweet ass time in delivering my stuff, which translates to me not having my snowboard and other gear ready for this christmas vacation. I'll have to compensate for that by going somewhere in January or February.

Some prices (I'm copying Shawn here):
Case of beer: 8 euro
Pack of smokes: 4.5 euro
1.7g Super Skunk: 10 euro


noah said...

Joe, it's Noah. You've got some important mail, pls give me a call or email as soon as you read this, you owe some $!

Ferg Man said...

Noah, you are a fag.

Joe, you need to email my ass so I know how to get in touch with thy blading friend:)

Noah, just kidding:) Not really:)

- R Man.