Monday, November 28, 2005

Frightening moment

Due to the nature of my job and the fact that I have family overseas, I have been on an airplane more times that I can remember. It takes quite a bit to make me nervous on a plane, I consider turbulence an opportunity for a cheap massage (think of the beds that vibrate when you throw a quarter in). Last night as my flight landed at LaGuardia I had a moment of ‘holy crap – what was that?’ however. When we ‘touched down’, there were many frightened passengers and a few perplexed frequent flyers. Those of us who fly a lot knew we were going to be fine, but were not sure what the pilot was smoking up in that cockpit. The plane hit the runway like a brick, sending a really loud bang and a nice shockwave through the cabin. I know sometimes the weather can cause weirdness, but an apology from the cockpit would have been nice. Thanks Air Canada. You never seem to fail me in somehow making my flight a shitty experience.

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