Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Moved my blog

Since I am soon to be an ex-Infusionite, I have moved my blog to somewhere that it can find a permanent home. As some of you have noticed, my blog has evolved from a mainly technical blog to something more mixed. While there will likely still be a tech post in here every now and then, I will no longer focus on anything in particular. As those of you who know me in person already know, I tend to have no filer between my brain and my mouth at times. That's how I envision this new version of my blog.


T said...

You're soon to be an ex-infusionite? Details, man, details :)


Joe said...

I'm moving to Europe at the beginning of December. I'll write a more detailed post about this one of these days.

Andy Locoweed said...

I'm all about the non-technical!